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Glow "Keyrambit" by YoungTendo

Glow "Keyrambit" by YoungTendo

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🔑"Keyrambit" by YoungTendo

☝🏻 Fun on the go! Simply put on the keys and spin!

A compact key tool that combines elegance with functionality. With a beautiful design and karambit functions, the Keyrambit is not only practical, but also playful. It brings fun to everyday moments and opens up space for creative tricks and skills.

With Keyrambit, every day becomes a fun-filled adventure, whether you're at home, outdoors or wherever you're traveling. Raise your game with this stylish and eye-catching keychain companion!"

The highest quality as you are used to from me

Inner diameter of bearing: 17mm

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Super věc zábavná a nejlepší😊