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🍭 “Focket PRO” Lollipop

🍭 “Focket PRO” Lollipop

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🔥New challenge is here!

A magnetic fidget that will keep you busy for hours, you can relax with it, but mainly improve your muscle memory and fine motor skills and learn new tricks.

New from streamer YoungTend's workshop. Handmade and carefully made from the highest quality materials and each piece is carefully checked to meet the highest standards.


📖 How to get started with Focket Pro, its mechanics and basic tricks can be found in this Blog . Or watch my videos on TikTok .


🔋You won't run out! | 🤚🏻Trenink motor skills | 🧘🏻‍♂️Relaxace and focus | 💪🏻 They'll put you at ease




It is handmade, therefore the product may have minor aesthetic defects that do not affect function and quality.


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