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PRE-SALE - "Focket" Loader

PRE-SALE - "Focket" Loader

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😎 Focus in your pocket, new Level!

This ultimate Focket you enough! This magnetic fidget is a spinner, a slider, simply 5 in 1 everything you need to get rid of stress and better concentrate and focus on what you need.

He will never stop boring you because there is always something to do with him.

- put it on your finger - spin - scroll - focus - and load.

🔋 You won't run out! | 🤚🏻Motor skills training | 🧘🏻‍♂️Relaxation and focus | 💪🏻 It puts you at ease



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Focket | Bag | 📖 Instructions | Sticker | Acknowledgments | 🎁 Gift

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