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You probably have a Focket Pro in your hand right now and the introductory brochure led you to this page, if you haven't seen any of my videos on tiktok and have absolutely no idea what Focket Pro is or how to use it, you're in the right place!!


So what is Focket Pro ?? Actually, you can read on the other side of the brochure that it is a magnetic fidget that is hand-made by me streamer youngtendo, but I understand that the letters are quite small and even if the brochure looks nice, you definitely don't want to read it :)


So Focket Pro - magnetically fidget - a hand toy that has magnets in it. I have done before  magnetic fidgetslider "Focket", which is more suitable for relaxation, calming down and generally for hands that always need something to do, Focket Pro is a bit different, yes, you can still relax with it, for example you can use it instead of meditation balls ( same movements, watch the video) but PRO means it's something even more,

PRO - also means pro, because a pro does tricks with Focket, and that's exactly what Focket Pro is designed for, to entertain you not only with clapping and clicking, but also with the challenge it hides inside. You will undoubtedly find this in the basic and advanced tricks, but also in the possibilities offered by the functionality and mechanics of Focket Pro, because once you understand the principles and basic movements, it is up to you how you combine them or you can even invent a lot of other movements and tricks.

All about your fantasy, creativity and skill,


I personally recommend taking the Focket Pro with you everywhere, having it in your hand as much as possible to get used to it, you only need to squish it in your hand so that your muscles and muscle memory gradually get used to it and you will be able to do more and more demanding movements and tricks .


It can also be a way for you to go back to when it was not common to have a mobile phone in your hand all the time, Focket and Focket Pro can replace your mobile perfectly.

Here is also a guide to the basic movements for your beginnings with Focket Pro:

As I wrote, I recommend having it with you as much as possible and using it right from the start  To "fumble" in your hand, to get used to everything: the size of the weight and how the magnets inside are attracted to each other.


These are the two basic positions of the Focket Pro:


1) Primary position - straight

You simply let the magnets on the ends of the Fockets attract each other..



Test how strong the magnet is, how the two sides are attracted to each other, by slightly lifting the other part or manipulating your thumb. From this Focket position, you curl your fingers into a secondary position next to you with a satisfying feeling.



2) Secondary position - side by side

The magnets are not attracted to each other so strongly, so you can use the gravity and weight of the Fockets for various tricks.



If you deftly blow up Fockets from this position, they return to their primary position. Or you can let them roll between your fingers to straighten themselves.


Practicing muscle memory and motor skills

By simply lifting with individual fingers, you can practice your motor skills and strengthen the muscles in your fingers.



Try the first trick




The basic movement from which you can start all other tricks,

Bend the top part of the focket and let it rotate naturally to straighten,..

you can combine this movement in different ways, either one-handed or passing the focket from one hand to the other

Back Spin



A very effective basic move

Turn the straightened Focket to the opposite side between your thumb and forefinger so that it stops against your hand and then by pressure break it into the secondary position and again between your thumb and forefinger spin it back so that the Focket straightens




Grab the Focket in your hand and slightly separate the upper part with your thumb, then throw it in the air with the movement of your hand so that it turns around and returns to its original position, the magnets will help you skillfully :),.. you can spin it once or twice, throw it low and high, try and practice what can you do

Thumb Twist



The basis for this trick is to learn to grasp the lower part of the Focket between the little finger and the index finger, then lift the upper part with the thumb and index finger and roll it between the middle finger and the index finger back to the original position.

Pinkie Twist



A similar trick to the previous one, you just rotate the lower part of the Focket, separate it with your middle finger and ring finger and then use your little finger to vertically rotate the lower part of the Focket by 360 degrees. Be sure to watch the video, it takes a lot of practice.


Want to learn more tricks?? Check out my tiktok and if you have a new trick or just want to show off what you can do, be sure to film it and tag me :)


Let it focket!




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